Build an extension

Although sometimes quite costly, adding an extension is one of the best things you can do to add value to your property. It increases floor space and functionality and also makes your property look more attractive.

The cost of an extension may put some homeowners off, but with the potential of adding up to 20% to the value of your home, when you sell your house you will be thankful.

Fit a new kitchen and bathroom

One thing that buyers dread is buying a house that needs a lot of work done to it. The two main off-puts are having to fit a new kitchen, and a new bathroom. It is a good idea to get this done just before you sell your house, as it will look brand new and bump up your asking price.

Landscape your garden

You could have an amazing space at the back of the property, but if it isn’t looked after it will look like an eyesore rather than an asset. A well landscaped garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it will not only make your property look more attractive, it will add value aswell.

Redesign the living space

Sometimes, something as simple as knocking down a wall can make a massive impact on the value of your property. Lots of buyers are after modern, well designed houses, so turning your kitchen and living room into one open plan space can make a massive different in price.

Add a loft conversion

This is a innovative way of adding value to your property without adding an extension. Turning that wasted space into a third bedroom can increase the price of the property substantially, as it is increasing your potential buying pool.

Make sure the small things are up to scratch

One of the simplest but most effective way of adding value to your property is making sure the small details are taken care of.